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Background: Ionizing radiation is present in all environment of the Earth’s surface, beneath the Earth and in the atmosphere. Human beings are exposed to external radiation from their surroundings naturally and also to internal radiation from food, water and air they consume. Then, it is important to measure and develop knowledge about radiation.Objective: This study is designed to evaluate the risks of radiation outdoors and indoors and in hot spring in Gachine area of Bandar Abbas.Materials and Methods: The device used in this study was environmental radiation surveymeter. Indoor gamma radiation in Gachine area was carried out inside 115 dwellings. Measurement for hot spring waters was carried out at one meter above water level. Dose rates were recorded for an hour.Results: Our results indicate the outdoor dose rate gamma radiation in Gachine area is higher than the global mean dose rate. Moreover, Gachine Bala has the highest outdoor gamma radiation (78.87 nGy/h) and Gachine Paien has the lowest gamma background radiation (71.62 nGy/h).Discussion: This study demonstrates that indoor mean dose rate of gamma radiation in this area is higher than the global mean dose rate. Estimated indoor mean dose rates were for Gachine Paien (110.58 nGy/h), Gachine Bala (111.83 nGy/h), Ship industry dwelling (109.30 nGy/h) and Jamal Ahmad (107.84 nGy/h). The highest dose rate above hot spring was obtained from Chostaneh (1320 nGy/h).