Document Type: Review Article


Iran University of Medical Sciences


Background: Health information is highly sensitive to all kinds of health care environments ranging from organization-based to personalized health. Nowadays, health information is exchanged readily for the consequence of the introduction of ubiquitous computing in healthcare industry. Therefore, minimization of vulnerabilities and security risks are a must. Information privacy is a critical issue in all kinds of health information systems with some platforms (e.g. implementable medical devices, mobile-based apps, biosensors, smart home, etc.).Objective: This paper was aimed at providing a snapshot of existing frameworks protecting health information privacy in pervasive health care environments.Methods: Accordingly, terms such as “pervasive health care”, “mobile health”, “ubiquitous health”, “health information” and “privacy” were searched in technical databases and on the Internet search engines using free text both in English and Persian (February 2015). Results: In summary, these frameworks have characteristics as managing data access, data collection, use and disclosure in common.Conclusion: Taken together, these frameworks would be applied in emerging health environments and associated frameworks addressing information privacy.