The Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering (JBPE) is an international peer-reviewed bimonthly biomedical publication. The aim of this journal is to provide a scientific medium of communication for researchers in international level. The Journal welcomes high-quality basic sciences and clinical research, experimental as well as theoretical, broadly focused on the relationship of physics and engineering to medicine Articles can be published in fields as follows:
- Physics of radiotherapy
- Modern radiotherapy techniques
- Radiation biology
- Protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
- Laser and its application in medical sciences
- Medical Imaging
- Dosimetry and measurement of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
- Systems and signals in medical sciences
- Challenges and issues in medical physics
- Impact of medical physics on daily lives
- Medical technology
- Modern engineering methods and inventions in medical sciences
- Artificial intelligence and its application in medical sciences
- Telemedicine
- Body implants
- Development and use of mobile applications in patient care
Manuscripts are publishable in the form of original articles, review articles (systematic and narrative), technical notes, letters to the editor, etc.