Document Type : Technical Note


1 Euromed Research Center, BiomedTech Engineering School, University EUROMED de Fès, Fez, Morocco

2 Systems Engineering Laboratory, The Intelligent Systems and Sensor Networks team, EHTP, Casablanca Morocco



This study presents a mechanical model of a novel medical device designed to optimize the osseointegration process in upper and lower limb amputees, leading to the promotion of optimal rehabilitation. The medical device is developed to reduce the risk of implant failure, leading to re-amputation above the implant. The proposed model serves several purposes: 1) to guide the osseointegration process by providing electrical endo-stimulation directly to the bone-implant contact site, using an invasive electrical stimulation system, which is implanted in the bone permanently, 2) to locally transmit stem cells after implantation, without the need for opening the skin or perforating the bone, which is particularly useful for regenerative medicine after partial healing of the implant, 3) to transmit necessary nutrients from the bone, also without opening the skin or puncturing the bone, and 4) to combat infections by locally administering drugs after implantation.